Tools and strategies to teach and learn HCI Online - Workshop

About the workshop

The workshop will be conducted in two parts. The first part will have a "Pre-workshop event" where we will discuss the critical challenges being faced in "teaching and learning HCI" online. This will be done based on the voices from the field (inputs from the participants and organizers). We will try to address specific challenges by reflecting upon the best practices of online education. The solutions will be discussed in the next part of the workshop.

The next part will be conducted on the scheduled date of the IndiaHCI'20 workshop. Here we will present the HCI design process which includes "user studies", "interpretation", "prototyping" and "design evaluation". For each of these processes we will demonstrate some relevant design tools and strategies that will help you learn and practice HCI ONLINE. We will also talk about how to integrate such tools in the pedagogy for effective online instruction of HCI and enhance students' learning.

Pre-Workshop Event

Date: 1st-Nov-2020, Time: 11am to 12 noon

Venue: Online via Zoom

This is a "Free Event". Invitations will be sent to all the registered participants. Click below to Register:

IndiaHCI'20 Workshop

Date: 5th-Nov-2020, Time: 2:30pm to 5:30pm

Venue: Online via Zoom

Registration charges apply !! Click below to Register:


Deepak Padhi

Ph.D Scholar

IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India

Pankaj Chavan

Ph.D Scholar

IDP in Education Technology, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India

Devanuj Balkrishan

Associate Professor

JK Lakshmipat University

Who should attend ?

Students, teachers, and professionals with background in design, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) or other similar domains with inquisitiveness to learn some interesting online tools and pedagogical strategies

What will you learn ?

This workshop will address the challenges and opportunities associated with teaching and learning HCI online.

In the workshop:

You will....

  • Brainstorm challenges in online HCI education and discover solutions

  • Learn online tools and strategies for HCI Design process

  • Understand pedagogy for student-teacher engagement

  • Get the materials for hands-on installation and usage of the tools covered

  • Get an e-certificate from IndiaHCI2020 for your participation

Workshop Fee

INR 1000/- (One thousand rupees only)


Limited seats !! Tickets are available till 4th-Nov-2020 (on first come first serve basis)