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Applied Design, HCI and UX Research for Digital Technologies

What We do

At theUXWhale, we bring together multi-domain expertise to inform the design practices at the heart of information technologies within the lived context of society and culture.

With the aim of facilitating the design approaches of start-ups, corporates and other enterprises, we provide research, pedagogical and dissemination expertise in designing technological solutions for the Indian market.

Our team comprises individuals with mastery in design, interaction design, user experience, qualitative social sciences and the study of culture and psychology.

We have four verticals in our Design Research Studio:


We are a multi-disciplinary team of researchers. We employ qualitative and quantitative methods to undertake research in HCI, UX and Design.


Mentorship to corporates, educational institutions, creative industries and individuals in the areas of HCI, UX and Design.


Workshops and seminars with diverse audiences and stakeholders.

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Consultations on project design, pilot studies, UX surveys and design aspects of products and services.

How we do

The problems of (mis-) disinformation and privacy abuse have increased during the pandemic, Covid-19.

Dependencies on Internet has increased, more than ever.

As Internet has become the saviour, the digital divide might have reduced but has it been meaningful and useful.

Internet is primarily used for accessing information and for communicating.

This interaction of accessing and communicating is between people and internet.

How does one perceives internet and expects it to behave is different person to person.

Hence, theUXWhale questions the design of the Internet...

Three important questions which we raise while designing for digital technologies.

We work at the intersection of digital technologies and their role in shaping up of the society.

HCD Framework,

Srishti Institute of Art, design and technology

This HCD framework helps us to look at any design problem from multiple lenses.

Theoretical Concept:

This involves applying the principles of interaction-design, service design and design research. Concepts keeps on evolving through past research work and projects and adds to the growing list of repositories of references.

Digital Technologies:

Technologies are artefacts and infrastructures that enable human actions. They include User Interface, emerging ideas around tangible and wearable computing, IoT, machine learning, and algorithmically driven platforms.

Context of Use & Design:

The social settings or the situation in which the technology is being used and applied for its intended use.

Our own interpretation of Thallman’s detailed triangle.

A more detailed explanation can be found here:

Daniel Fallman's paper 'The Interaction Design Research Triangle of Design Practice, Design Studies, and Design Exploration.' presents "refined models of interaction design research; embracing both what it currently is as well as pointing towards what it could be…".

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